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頤宮中餐廳 Le Palais - 君品酒店

“每個月1日開放下一個月訂位,例如:4月1日開放5月整個月的訂位 ; 最晚訂位時間為午餐 11:00 晚餐 16:00 以前 ; 每次訂位接受人數 1-10 人;用餐服儀請著正式服裝,線上訂位桌席皆無窗景,若有包廂訂席需求,請主動電洽餐廳服務人員,桌位依照當日現場安排為主。”

4.5 (926)
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2018 Restaurant Week

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17F., No.3, Sec. 1, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist,Taipei City


Close to MRT Taipei Main Station

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Dining Purpose

Business Bites, Family Gathering


Asian, Chinese Cuisine, Seafood

Recommended Dishes

- 火焰片皮鴨三吃 Cantonese Style Crispy Roast Duck Course 広東式ローストダック
- 先知鴨二吃 Crispy Roast Baby Duck 子アヒルの炙り焼き
- 頤宮叉燒皇 Barbecue Pork チャーシュー
- 君品吊燒炸子雞 Crispy Deep-Fried Chicken 鶏のパリパリ素揚げ

Price Range

$1848 ~ $7678

Opening Hours

All week 11:30-14:30
All week 17:30-21:30

Dining Notice

★ There are no window view reservations when booking online. If a private room is needed, please contact us for assistance. ★ Please dress in formal clothing. For men, please avoid wearing slippers, sandals, shorts and vests. For ladies, please avoid wearing slippers, sandals, etc.


good place for local specialties, Accessible Area, popular for local, Serves alcohol, Mall parking lot, Credit Card Payment, Free parking, good for group, good for <7 kids


Delicate Cantonese flair features seafood and dim-sum from fresh local ingredients. 6 spacious private rooms cater to any luxurious and elegant functions with a stunning view of Taipei west.

La Palais is awarded 《The MICHELIN Guide Taipei 2018》as a three stars MICHELIN Restaurant. We supply Chinese cuisine with selected seasonal ingredients. The fusion of Chinese and French aesthetics delicate the classic feasts’ dishes and dim sum, also selected as the top 10 of The Culinary Culture Forum Across The Taiwan Straits.