All we want is to see you smile and laugh.
All the treasured moments in life, booked.
The most unforgettable dining experiences start from booking.

EZTABLE Vision & Mission

Make the world a happier place.
Create the largest dining membership program in the world.


EZTABLE Core Values - CARS


Over-communication is a necessity, a culture.
Statistics show that most problems companies face on a daily basis are usually instigated by poor communication. Many times the problem isn't the issue itself, but in the lack of communication between team members. At EZTABLE, we hold a high standard when each of our members can articulate and communicate well amongst the teams, giving each other a sense of security for truly understanding one another.


"Damn, we are in it for the win!"
From the moment EZTABLE was founded, we have set our eyes on becoming one of Taiwan's few global consumer brands. It's difficult creating a brand, even more so running and building an international consumer brand. Despite being faced with challenges, we are powered by an immense ambition and burning desire that screams "Damn, we are in it for the win!" If every person is fueled by this ambition, then everyone would want to improve themselves and their projects. Adding all these together is our competitive advantage that is truly hard to replicate.


We're all equal in numbers.
At EZTABLE, evaluation is based on the metrics, the results. We have a dashboard that monitors all metrics related to growth on all levels. Growing the numbers is the best proof of our accomplishments. We're all equal in numbers. We don't overlook the numerical results just because one is more senior than the other.


Speed is power, speed is everything.
The world today is too flat, too transparent. With the extent of internet, all businesses have equal access to all information. There is hardly any "secret to success" that could guarantee all wins, so we place our faith in speed -- respond fast, execute fast, make mistakes fast, recover fast, communicate fast, understand fast. Speed gives us more opportunities and more edge compared to companies with the same information and strength, but work at a slower pace.